Choices, choices, so many payroll companies in the market, but who do you choose?

The past few years have seen the spotlight firmly trained on the payroll sector. Expenses went, IR35 shook things up, the Criminal Finances Act made people sit up and listen.

But how do you stay abreast of everything while trying to focus on the things that make you profitable? It is a minefield.

RACS Group have always traded under the company strapline ‘Compliance without Compromise.’ And that’s exactly what you’ll get by partnering with RACS.

With extensive recruitment experience at both operational and strategic level, speaking to RACS is a good starting point. We understand recruitment and have the people and resources to truly look after your contractors, letting you focus on filling the next role.

Having RACS as your partner gives you peace of mind.

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Compliance without Compromise

This has been our company strapline since the beginning. Because we know that above all else, our partners, whether they be agencies or individual contractors, need to have complete faith and trust in us.

While partnering with RACS, you can mitigate risk and be assured that HMRC compliance is taken care of. We use a PAYE payment system that guarantees 100% compliance. We also take on all employment responsibilities, so in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong, the buck stops with us.

We will ensure that all of your contractors meet their obligations for tax and National Insurance by making these deductions at source and relaying to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) via their RTI (Real Time Information) system.

Leading the field in compliance for the last ten years

Our in-house legal and compliance team engage leading experts to ensure our employment and payroll solutions are compliant with all legislation such as IR35 and Off-payroll.

Right to Work
We have a team dedicated to ensuring all new registrations have the correct right to work documentation. Where the correct documentation is not in place we will seek permission to carry out the necessary Home Office checks before allowing the worker to be paid.

The Criminal Finances Act
The Criminal Finances Act makes recruiters criminally responsible for the prevention of the facilitation of tax evasion. Agencies with RACS Group can be assured there will be no tax evasion with us in the supply chain as we deduct all tax and National Insurance at source.

Making a difference

We take our corporate social responsibilities seriously and are proud to have supported so many valuable causes & community projects over the last 10 years.

  • £34,000 of fundraising
  • 58 local projects sponsored
  • 4000 school pupils inspired

RACS are committed to making a difference.

Quality throughout

We know that your life is a whole lot easier when your contractors are happy.

With RACS, contractors will be registered quickly, paid accurately and promptly. Our secure online services, SMS pay notification and online portal make it simple for them to use us.

And we’re on hand to answer queries and resolve issues immediately.

We’re also here for you. You’ll have dedicated account managers to help and support you and we can look after everything from timesheets to invoicing and auto enrolment to statutory payments.

Things are so much smoother with RACS.

Providing what you need

We have a product to suit you and your contractors’ circumstances and requirements.

Whether you have five or five hundred contractors. Whatever sector or discipline they work in. Whatever their rate of pay. Whether or not they’re under supervision, direction or control by the end-user.

Products that comply with legislative rules, maximise contractor net pay and deliver commercial value.

With RACS, you can be sure you’re getting great value.

A product for every contractor

RACS Collective+ Enhanced

Working through our umbrella solution is very simple. Once you are registered your agency will send us your pay details each week for processing. Payment is one week in arrears and made to you by 9am each Friday.

RACS will become your employer and you'll have a contract of employment with us which you'll need to agree via your online portal once you have signed up.

Generally, you'll complete your timesheet with the agency although sometimes these are sent direct to us. Your agency will advise their process.

All taxes and national insurance will be deducted automatically and if you are part of the pension scheme this will also be shown as a deduction on your payslip.

When you are paid via an umbrella company your rate of pay would usually be increased by your agency to take account of additional Employer deductions that will show on your payslip. These deductions include Employers National Insurance, Employers Pension contribution and the Apprenticeship Levy.

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RACS PSPro Professional

The PS Pro model was introduced to protect the commercial interests of all those involved in the supply of temporary labour into organisations such as the NHS, schools, Government departments, the BBC and Channel 4, plus construction companies undertaking projects funded by the public purse.

RACS PS Pro therefore assumes that the vast majority of contractors will fail the online (Employment Status Service) test introduced by HM Revenue & Customs and therefore automatically pay all due taxes and NICs as employment income.

Fully operational, RACS PS Pro is a two man company model (and not a PSC) which falls outside of the Off-payroll legislation as all tax and NICs are deducted at source with any liability remaining with us, the payroll provider.

For further details about the PS Pro credentials get in touch today.

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PAYE Standard

PAYE is the standard method of payment for employees in the UK. It stands for Pay As You Earn. Being the simplest method of payment, it is often a popular choice for contractors, if available.

When you are paid PAYE the only deductions from your payment will be for tax, National Insurance and Pension (if you are enrolled). No fee, no employer deductions, straightforward and simple.

Not all agencies will be able to offer you PAYE, but it is always worth asking the question.

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RACS PSC Succeed

Contracting through your own Limited Company is often the most tax efficient payment vehicle available to higher earners. If you fall outside of IR35 and SDC regulations, RACS PSC can be the preferred option to maximise your take-home pay while remaining fully compliant.

As a Ltd Company Director, you will usually need to hire an accountant to assist in the set up and administration of the company. RACS PSC can provide a full accounts service along with support and advice every step of the way.

RACS PSC will pro-actively monitor and assist your Limited Company with any financial opportunities and offer guidance on legislation and compliance. Whether you currently have an established Limited company or are new to contracting, we can offer a total accounts service.

Underpinned by fully compliant processes, RACS PSC offers the comprehensive support to maximise contractors take home income.

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