Make your pay more rewarding

My Wallet is a points based rewards scheme where you earn points every time you are paid. Points can be redeemed for benefits that interest you, be it CPD learning, rebates on shopping or even cash.

Along with a contribution from us into a loyalty fund, paid out as a bonus in December, you will also receive discounts and savings on fitness, family activities and holidays.

Our Anytime Wages service gives you the opportunity to have some of your wages before pay day. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, funds are typically paid within the hour of your request. A really useful facility should you have an emergency or simply be running low on cash.

All benefits and rewards are administered simply from your online contractor portal and we're always looking to enhance our benefits by adding new ones regularly.

Find out more about each benefit

Health & Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing is high on the workplace agenda and we agree that improving both has huge benefits for individuals and the workplace in general.

In this section we have a range of benefits to improve your health and wellbeing. There are direct discounts and savings on experience days, nutrition, coaching and development, days out and even tropical holidays. There's also 25% discounts on keep fit plans including both boxing and yoga workouts, all from the comfort of your own front room and at a time that suits you.

We've also just added a free will service enabling you to create your own will completely free of charge. More than two thirds of adults in the UK do not have a will. Now you can through My Wallet benefits.

Points for Cash

Each time that you are paid we add 100 Reward Points to your total. Once you have accumulated 2000 points we’ll happily swap them for £s in your pay.

There’ll be opportunities throughout the year to earn extra points to help boost your total.

Anytime Wages

One of our most popular benefits is our Anytime Wages service. This service gives you access to your wages early should you find yourself needing funds before your normal pay day.

Anytime Wages is accessed via your online portal any time of day or night 7 days a week. The process is simple, as the system guides you through and will let you know how much you can advance. Once accepted funds will be deposited within 1 hour.

CMME Mortgages for Independent Professionals

We know that sometimes it can be difficult to secure the right mortgage when you are a contractor as a lot of the high street lenders don’t fully understand the contracting market. That’s why we have teamed up with contractor mortgages specialist CMME.

By subscribing to My Wallet benefits you’ll have access to a free consultation and advice from CMME who can help you achieve the right mortgage for you.

Learning & Development

Another very popular benefit is our learning & development platform provided in conjunction with Qintil and Bookboon. The Qintil learning platform holds hundreds of CPD courses in a wide range of sectors and includes a great range of personal development courses too. You can also save all of your learning on the platform and share this with your employer(s).

As a part of the platform you’ll also get access to over 700 eBooks from the world’s largest publisher of business & soft-skills eBooks for professionals. All books are written by the world’s leading experts and peer reviewed by top learning institutions. With an average reading time of no more than 2 hours, these short & effective eBooks are perfect for busy professionals on-the-go.

You can use your Reward Points to access the CPD courses and eBooks.

Pure Card

Use your My Wallet Reward Points to order a Pure Card and start earning money back on high street purchases. The Pure Card offers rebates of up to 15% in over 70 high street retailers. Top up on the go by instantly adding funds to your card via text, online or the MyPureCard app, receive automatic rebates that are loaded onto your card the month after your spend. A great way to put extra pounds in your pocket each month, to save up for bigger items or even as a budgeting tool for your household.

The Loyalty Club

The loyalty club offers a financial incentive to keep being paid through us. Each time you are paid we add cash to your Loyalty Club pot which builds up throughout the year. Loyalty payments are made in December each year and if you qualify we'll also add a Christmas bonus before paying you the balance. In 2018 we paid out over £40,000 in loyalty bonuses to our contractors, so make sure you get your share in the future!


How do I access My Wallet?

We like to keep things as simple as possible for you. Therefore, all you need to do to access any of the My Wallet benefits is to log in to your online portal. Look out for the heading once you've logged in and you'll find details of all benefits and how to access them.

If you don't already get paid through us and would like access to this great range of benefits get in touch today.

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