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As RACS enters the later stages of their rebrand to People Group Services (People Group), the latest step has been to rename all existing RACS products to something more fitting with the new brand.

The biggest change, due to it being the most popular payroll product, is to RACS Collective Plus the company's umbrella solution, which is now called People Umbrella. Other products to be r

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RACS rebrand gathering pace

Recruitment and Contractor Services (RACS) is entering phase two of their rebrand having worked with People Group for 18 months. RACS will be fully integrated into the People Group Services brand as of September 2019.

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RACS to start re-brand

We announced back in April that RACS had joined a wider group of companies called People Group Services ("People Group").

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People Group Services awarded a place on the new MSTAR3 Framework for Talent Pool Technology.

RACS's fintech parent company People Group Services ("People") is delighted to announce that it has been awarded a place on the ESPO MSTAR3 Framework for Managed Services Provision to the public sector. 

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We've enhanced our checking service

RACS have introduced a new system to check identity and right to work for all contractors registering for umbrella payroll.

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RACS keeps moving forward

Over recent months RACS have been in talks with People Group Services, a forward thinking payroll, compliance and technology provider within the recruitment industry.


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