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RACS to start re-brand

We announced back in April that RACS had joined a wider group of companies called People Group Services ("People Group").

People Group's mission is to provide the very best contractor experience from sourcing to on-boarding to compliance, payroll, benefits and everything in between. To make everything simple, smart, more efficient and rewarding. A mission that RACS have shared for the past 10+ years.

As a part of the process RACS is rebranding over the coming months to better align with that of People Group.

The first phase of the re-brand is happening in June and will see emails and phones answered as People Group rather than RACS Group. There will be no other changes at this stage and any future changes will be communicated prior to being made.

"We've already benefitted from joining People Group by adopting their technology enhanced compliance checking system which has provided significant efficiencies," commented Head of Customer Experience, Karen Illston-Baggs.

She continued, "The RACS brand has served us very well over the past 12 years and has become widely recognised within the industry. However, times change, much like the recruitment landscape and joining People Group is the next big step on our journey that will keep us at the forefront of this ever-changing industry."

The future is bright, but not necessarily so orange! 

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