Why choose RACS?

RACS have been serving the contractor community for more than 10 years, trading under the key message ‘Compliance without Compromise’. Through this approach we ensure that each and every worker can have peace of mind that their payments are not only timely and accurate but fully compliant with all relevant legislation.

Whilst being paid by RACS you can enjoy access to a wide range of benefits to enhance your experience. If you want to develop your skills you’ll have access to professional development courses awarded throughout the year by building up loyalty points. You’ll also be able to save money on everyday items or one-off occasions through our rewards scheme.

Management of your account will be through your online portal where you’ll have access to unique services like Anytime Wages. Should you need any assistance at any point we have a dedicated customer services team available to assist you.

Of course, you’ll also get everything else you would expect from a professional payroll provider:

  • Full employment status & PAYE
  • Work-based pension & holiday pay
  • Professional insurances
  • Statutory payments
  • Guaranteed Friday payday (or earlier via Anytime Wages)
  • One employer across various jobs



A great range of benefits

We strive to offer value to our workers by offering a range of benefits when you sign up. Our benefits package is constantly reviewed to ensure we are adding value to your partnership with us. When you speak to one of the RACS team make sure to ask about the benefits.

Make your pay more rewarding

MY Wallet is a points based rewards scheme where you earn points every time you are paid. Points can be redeemed for benefits that interest you, be it CPD learning and development, rebates on shopping or even cash.

Along with a contribution from us into a loyalty fund, paid out as a bonus in December, you will also receive discounts and savings on fitness, family activities and holidays.

Our any time wages service gives you the opportunity to have some of your wages before pay day. Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week funds are typically paid within the hour of your request. A really useful facility should you have an emergency or simply be running low on cash.

All benefits and rewards are administered simply from your online contractor portal.

Anytime Wages

Why wait to get paid next Friday? Get a salary advance today!

- Our Anytime Wages service gives you the opportunity to have some of your wages before pay day. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, funds are typically paid within the hour of your request. A really useful facility should you have an emergency or simply be running low on cash.

How does it work?

Step 1 - Application

As this is a salary advance facility, we can only advance you for the time you have already worked. Just let us know how many hours/days you have worked this week.

It is important to be accurate when entering your hours. Fraudulent entries may have a significant impact for you in the future.

Step 2 - We calculate the salary advance amount

Within an instant, we will calculate the advance we are able to offer you. Essentially the amount is based on your payslip history.

Step 3 - Acceptance

You can accept the advance or choose to ignore it. Ignoring the offer has no impact on future applications and you can apply as many times as you like. Obviously, you can only accept one advance at a time.

Step 4 - Funds deposited

Funds will be deposited into your bank account usually within one hour.

*Terms and conditions apply

New for 2018 - Pure Card

As a part of our loyalty points scheme we are now offering you the chance to have your own Pure card.

Pure card saves you money on your everyday shopping via automatic monthly rebates. This means you could save hundreds of pounds over the year!

You can use your Pure card to put extra pounds in your pocket each month, to save up for bigger items or even as a budgeting tool for your household.

Using the Pure card is simple:

Additional benefits

Fully insured - While working as an employee of RACS you are automatically covered by our Public and Employers Liability and Professional Indemnity insurances up to £10 Million and £5 Million respectively.

Financial Advice - If you are thinking of buying a house talk to our partners at Contractor Mortgages Made Easy who can offer advice and guidance on this important decision. Having specialised in contractor mortgages for the past 14 years they are ideally placed to help.

Holiday pay - Holiday pay will accrue each week that you are paid and build up in your holiday fund. We advise contractors to access their holiday funds on weeks when they are expecting no other payments from RACS.

Legal Compliance - From right to work checks to employment tribunals, our in-house team of legal experts are here to make sure we adhere to our ‘Compliance without Compromise’ promise.

Payment options

Here at RACS Group we offer a number of different payment options. If you are not caught by IR35 legislation you may choose to operate your own Ltd Company in which case you'll need RACS PSC. RACS Collective Plus is our most popular payroll product often referred to as Umbrella. Please check with your recruitment agency about the payment methods they are able to support. Not all agencies offer all payment options. For further information about each product click on the boxes below.

RACS Collective+ Enhanced

Working through our umbrella solution is very simple. Once you are registered your agency will send us your pay details each week for processing. Payment is one week in arrears and made to you by 9am each Friday.

RACS will become your employer and you'll have a contract of employment with us which you'll need to agree via your online portal once you have signed up.

Generally, you'll complete your timesheet with the agency although sometimes these are sent direct to us. Your agency will advise their process.

All taxes and national insurance will be deducted automatically and if you are part of the pension scheme this will also be shown as a deduction on your payslip.

When you are paid via an umbrella company your rate of pay would usually be increased by your agency to take account of additional Employer deductions that will show on your payslip. These deductions include Employers National Insurance, Employers Pension contribution and the Apprenticeship Levy.

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RACS PSPro Professional

The PS Pro model was introduced to protect the commercial interests of all those involved in the supply of temporary labour into organisations such as the NHS, schools, Government departments, the BBC and Channel 4, plus construction companies undertaking projects funded by the public purse.

RACS PS Pro therefore assumes that the vast majority of contractors will fail the online (Employment Status Service) test introduced by HM Revenue & Customs and therefore automatically pay all due taxes and NICs as employment income.

Fully operational, RACS PS Pro is a two man company model (and not a PSC) which falls outside of the Off-payroll legislation as all tax and NICs are deducted at source with any liability remaining with us, the payroll provider.

For further details about the PS Pro credentials get in touch today.

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PAYE Standard

PAYE is the standard method of payment for employees in the UK. It stands for Pay As You Earn. Being the simplest method of payment, it is often a popular choice for contractors, if available.

When you are paid PAYE the only deductions from your payment will be for tax, National Insurance and Pension (if you are enrolled). No fee, no employer deductions, straightforward and simple.

Not all agencies will be able to offer you PAYE, but it is always worth asking the question.

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RACS PSC Succeed

Contracting through your own Limited Company is often the most tax efficient payment vehicle available to higher earners. If you fall outside of IR35 and SDC regulations, RACS PSC can be the preferred option to maximise your take-home pay while remaining fully compliant.

As a Ltd Company Director, you will usually need to hire an accountant to assist in the set up and administration of the company. RACS PSC can provide a full accounts service along with support and advice every step of the way.

RACS PSC will pro-actively monitor and assist your Limited Company with any financial opportunities and offer guidance on legislation and compliance. Whether you currently have an established Limited company or are new to contracting, we can offer a total accounts service.

Underpinned by fully compliant processes, RACS PSC offers the comprehensive support to maximise contractors take home income.

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